Road to the Well (2016) – Movie Review

Road to the Well (2016) – Movie Review


Movie Review –

Last week I had gotten the honor to check out a film titled “Road to the Well (2016)” written and directed by Jon Cvack. Of course, after the Holidays I was quite swamped but I was excited to see what it was so instead of waiting, I sat my work aside and started viewing the screening.

Now, I’ve seen many indies in my time but this one stood out amongst a large portion of them. To start with the cast was simply superb for their roles, you could tell right off the bat that everyone within the film took their part seriously and gave they’re all. The story I thoroughly enjoyed, it wasn’t your normal cookie cut scenario, this film has some drive to it. You can surely tell a true amount of hard work and effort went into this film. If I had to break it down to one thing that I enjoyed the most about Road to the Well (2016), it would certainly be how they presented the personas of actions within the film versus throwing some flashing lights and colors around. A superb film for the suspense film fans, check out Road to the Well (2016) when you have the time; it’s a diamond in the rough.

Our Rating based on 1-5 Stars: 4.5 stars

IMDB Info –

Drifter, Jack, pays a visit to an old friend Frank whose mundane life is upended after the two become involved in a strange and seemingly random murder and journey up to the Northern California Sierra in order to bury the body.


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Plot or Story Line –

When Phd dropout Frank (Laurence Fuller) catches his girlfriend with his boss, his drifter of an old best friend, Jack (Micah Parker) arrives in town and arranges a strange and beautiful lady of the night, Ruby (Rosalie McIntire), for him. But amidst the heat of the moment, the pair are attacked, leaving Ruby dead and Frank unconscious. Drunk and panicked, Frank calls Jack who convinces him to head up North to take a new job and bury the body. Thus the pair embark on a strange and cerebral journey up into the California Sierra, full of old friends, lost loves, eccentric in-laws, backwood pimps, and a suspicious Military veteran, all while discovering how exactly Ruby was connected to Jack.

Plot: Drifter, Jack, pays a visit to an old friend Frank whose mundane life is upended after the two become involved in a strange and seemingly random murder and journey up to the Northern California Sierra in order to bury the body.
Directors: Jon Cvack
Writers: Jon Cvack
Actors: Micah Parker, Rosalie McIntire, Laurence Fuller, Barak Hardley
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: N/A
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