Rocktastic Games announces Steam full release launch date for sci-fi twin-stick shooter Rogue Continuum

Palo Alto, California, September 27, 2016

Indie games studio Rocktastic Games announced that cooperative planet-crawler Rogue Continuum has completed Early Access development and will release as a full game on Steam on October 4th, 2016.

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In Rogue Continuum, up to four local or online players take on the task of going back in time to stop the imminent destruction of Earth from an unknown doomsday fleet. In order to achieve this, the players must trek across a collection of alien-infested planets, underground caverns, and also land on asteroids to deliver indiscriminate death and destruction to a host of alien life forms.

Rogue Continuum presents the player with four different heroes to play, combining twin-stick shooter gameplay with “Rogue-lite” RPG hero and weapon upgrades. The game also features persistent unlocks for new weapons, abilities and planet locations as the player progresses further.

About the developer:
Rocktastic Games is an independent game developer studio based in Palo Alto and Sacramento, California, consisting of a small team of artists and programmers brought together by their uncurbed enthusiasm of creating and playing video games. Rogue Continuum is their first released PC game title. More info

Steam Page:

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