It’s been a rough few weeks due to issues again at Dreamhost

Over the last 8 years, our entire following has watched the same things happen to use at the same time of the year since we’ve been at DreamHost. Each time it happens everyone has watched us just pay more money and continue doing what we could do by buying into the next biggest thing DreamHost has, well after 8 years of it, we say we’ve had enough to put a stop to them doing it to any more customers. Over the last two weeks, we’ve removed our community software to prove that this wasn’t the issue, we’ve removed over 500,000 files to prove this wasn’t the issue. We’re on a dedicated server 16GB of Ram and a 2TB hard drive on this specific server and the only thing that is running on it is 1 WordPress site and 3 small templates, and 2 databases. The items left of this current server is less than what we had on the first shared hosting account when we first moved to DreamHost and it ran smoothly.

These guys have come to us with every excuse in the book (none validated and all proven wrong by our team and our friends at Associated Press) and they even responded to our followers telling them that they were helping us while they still had not replied, in turn leaving us hanging without answers or responses for a week. We’ve requested callback service which is something we get with our services at DreamHost and not once have they called, after 30 requests. We’ve even shown them that inside our Cpanel we cannot submit phone support request (thus why we specifically ask them in chat and explain it there as well) as it rejects the ability. DreamHost used to be a good company though they have proven that they have forgotten their customers and it’s time something gets done about it.

Currently, we are working on making our sites smaller and simplified. We’re discussing with all of our clients that we brought to DreamHost (which are over 300 companies) as to options for better and dependable hosting. This has been the worst few weeks in the history of our company due to DreamHost.

What we’ve been forced to do.

We’ve minimalized our website to just the news and reviews with a shop backend allowing members to access their services and keep up with what they purchase in the shop. We’ve moved our community to a “members only” Facebook Group (now known as “The WoodShed“) and our “members only” Twitch Desktop Voice Server for in-game chat etc. The members of our community and following are very upset to have watched this continue to happen at DreamHost and in the mean time we’re merely focused on keeping things running till a Manager Calls us to either resolve this issue or we take matters in probably a better-needed direction due to all we’ve gone through and lost. In software dev and downtime we’ve lost over 200k due to DreamHost let alone the stress and clients that we were working with during the outages.

Current Status

We’re barely staying afloat at the moment on a one day at a time due to this issue as it takes our every minute to even keep the sites up and running till DreamHost resolves this. For any of our family, friends, followers who’d like to pitch in to help keep us functioning it would be very much appreciated. Click here to support.


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