You’ve never seen an RTS this real… Play Zombie City Defense 2 with Virtual Reality!

Rated “Very Positive” on Steam!
“Honestly, I didn’t expect this game to be this great. I did not expect a small indie team to make a project of this quality with interesting gameplay, new ideas in uniting the genres, fresh approach to UI and overall design, even the quality… I recommend.” – nd1,618 products in account
Zombie City Defense 2 is a tactical/strategy defense game. Become completely immersed as the game is VR supported but not necessary and can be played on any PC. In a near future, the world has been devastated by a virus turning most of humanity into zombies. You are part of the Iron Corps, the last defense of civilization traveling the world to find resources, save people, and find answers.Prepare your army before infiltrating a new area – choose carefully when setting your infantry units, vehicles, and special abilities. A zone’s weather, terrain relief, and even the amount of buildings around you will greatly influence your strategy. Deploy your units on the field, improve your base, invest in abandoned buildings and fortify them to place your snipers, harvest old hospitals, or call a bombing raid to destroy a bridge or perhaps the whole block!

Game Features:

  • 15 completely different infantry squads (engineer, scout, soldier, grenadier, flamethrower…)
  • 17 Vehicles and Turrets (from armored bulldozers to flame tanks and artillery)
  • 9 General abilities (airstrike, ion cannon, groundbreaker, nukes..)
  • 7 buildings improvements (from barricades and medbays to command terminals)
  • 12 perks to customize your faction. You can play as pyromaniacs!
  • 16 missions in the campaign (from huge cities to canyons and mountains)
  • Fully destructible levels
  • 9 different zombies (common, armored, invader, splitter, spawner…)
  • Three difficulty levels + infinity mode
  • Day & Night cycle (zombies are stronger at night)
  • Weather changes (snow, rain, fog, heat, hurricane) and you should adapt your tactics
  • Variety of Land areas (Swamp, forest, cold, biohazard, Radiation)
  • Dozens of different buildings to invest and adapt to your needs.
  • Take advantage of the city (Huge Skyscrapers: give huge range bonus, especially to snipers. Living buildings: good for barricading in. Industrial buildings: may have material to scavenge and many more. Bridge: can be destroyed to force enemy to take another path…).
  • Fully supports Oculus Rift and dual-pad contollers for maximum immersion. 


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