From Silicon Valley to America’s Heartland: GaymerX & XPO Game Festival Join Forces to Advance Diversity in the Game Industry

Tickets discounted by 15% for a limited time

TULSA, Okla., and SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 12, 2016 – MidBoss and VisitTulsa, the organizers of two upcoming game events – GaymerX and XPO Game Festival – are working together to spread the word about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the game industry. Today’s announcement cements a like-minded collaboration effort to promote the incredible value of gaming culture as an open forum where all are welcome.

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Now in its fourth year, GaymerX is dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusiveness in gaming. Featuring high-profile speakers discussing controversial topics, special events, and tons of games, GaymerX • Year 4 (GX4) will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California September 30 – October 2, 2016:

“GaymerX’s mission includes exposing people to rarely discussed social concepts and issues in games while creating a fun, inviting space,” says Matt Conn, CEO of MidBoss and Founder of GaymerX. “Our collaboration with XPO Game Festival will let us share this message with parts of the country that might not regularly have the chance to openly debate these issues. We were ecstatic to learn of XPO’s stance on this very important topic – and we welcome the organizers and the audience to this industry we all know and love.”

XPO Game Festival
Featuring a retro lounge, Indie Alley, panel speakers, tabletop games, film screenings, LAN party areas, a laser tag arena, concerts and afterparties, XPO is the first ever full-scale game festival to be hosted in America’s Heartland. The inaugural XPO Game Festival will take place at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma September 23-25, 2016:

“Like GaymerX, everyone has a place at XPO – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or orientation. Closely following the trend for more inclusiveness, XPO will feature transgender restrooms and open discussions on any and all topics related to the game industry and gaming culture,” says Matt Stockman, Events Manager of VisitTulsa, a division of the Tulsa Regional Chamber. “The Tulsa Chamber also has its own diversity business council known as MOSAIC – which educates, leads and influences businesses on creating diverse and inclusive workforce cultures. We’re embracing diversity by creating an event that’s open to all walks of life.”

Pricing & Availability
In honor of National Video Games Day, both XPO and GaymerX tickets are being discounted by 15% this week only: Monday through Friday, September 12-16!

GaymerX (GX4)
Tickets are available here:

Three-day Passes include access to all events – including Expo Hall, Game Tournaments, Cosplay Pageant, Dance, Concert, Keynote Speeches, Drag Ball, and more.

Day Passes are also available – including access to all events.

VIP Passes include a free GaymerX • Year Four VIP T-shirt, VIP Badge/Dedicated Registration Line, VIP goodie bag, and access to the Thursday Night Boss party (with two drink tickets) – and more perks to come!

XPO Game Festival
Tickets are available here:

Day Passes feature full access to XPO, including the virtual reality showcase, Indie Alley showcase, retro lounge, tabletop gaming, fighting games, Magic: The Gathering tournaments, panels, and the expo floor. In addition, attendees will also get access to that day’s concert and afterparty in downtown Tulsa.

Weekend Passes grant access to the XPO Game Festival and all of its attractions for the whole weekend. In addition, attendees will get access to the kickoff party on Thursday, September 22nd.

Party Passes grant access to each day’s afterparty in downtown Tulsa.


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About MidBoss / GaymerX
MidBoss is a game and media production studio headquartered in San Francisco, California. In addition to GaymerX, the studio’s projects include acclaimed documentary, Gaming in Color – and the cyberpunk point and click adventure game, Read Only Memories. For more information about MidBoss and GaymerX, please visit and

About VisitTulsa / XPO
VisitTulsa, a division of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, is dedicated to promoting the Tulsa region as a premier destination for global leisure travel and convention business. VisitTulsa partners with area hotels, attractions and restaurants, leading a united effort to draw visitors to the region and grow the economic impact of the tourism industry. For more information on VisitTulsa and XPO, please visit and

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