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Sinister Guitar Picks

Sinister Guitar Picks had caught our attention a while back with their unique brand of picks like “The Amplified Edge Series”, and the “Jazz Spit-Fire’s” to name a few. These picks along with all of the guitar picks made by Sinister Guitar Picks of Dunedin, Florida are severely standalone with their unique “Metal Edge”. Upon receive one monstrous package we started digging into our order, originally we only ordered a few pair of the Booty Shorts by Sinister Guitar Picks for our model Lisa WoodBanger; yet there were a lot of other goodies inside.

Sinister Guitar Picks sent us (other than our order) several packages of guitar picks to reference each of their styles, several SGP dog-tags, a butt load of stickers, and shirts to go around most of the office. Now let’s start with the Booty Shorts in which we ordered, these things were top of the line Bella, beautifully printed. Very few companies have we purchased these Bella Booty shorts and they actually looked good. The SGP Logo print was very nicely placed and was printed very beautifully. These shorts we cannot seem to get Lisa WoodBanger to stop wearing. The shirts and other goods we once again top-end, Sinister Guitar Picks spared no expense to make sure anything their name was on was of the highest quality.

The guitar picks, when I opened a few of the bags I was stunned. I’ve never saw a guitar pick made like this, unique idea; yet it certainly sets them apart from other guitar pick companies. I’d recommend Sinister Guitar Picks to any guitarist out there, these things are beautiful, durable, and the art is just insane! Love it!

Check out the video, and other details of how you can get in touch with Sinister Guitar Picks to place your order today.

About Sinister Guitar Picks

Sinister Guitar Picks was founded with one goal in mind and that was to engineer and design the best sounding and most unique metal edge guitar picks available in the music industry. We are the only guitar pick company that offers a Single Metal Edge or Twin Metal Edge without the entire pick being made of metal, our Patent Pending process allows you to have the best of both worlds. SINISTER’s guitar picks are also much more durable and have a much longer life than your average pick. Each guitar pick SINISTER designs are engineered with a purpose, whether it is for Tone, Feel, or just simply a Kick Ass Look. All of SINISTER’S guitar picks are hand finished and are unique in their own way.

We have been and will continue to work closely with some really great guitar players (from all genres of music) to tweak and improve our pick designs. This has been both fun and a challenging experience for SINISTER. Since each guitar player has their own playing style and picking technique, they are looking for different attributes in a pick. They may want to improve the tone, overall sound, or use a pick that best fits their playing technique. Using this method of working closely together with guitarist we have seen great improvement in our guitar picks using their feedback, especially on the 2nd and 3rd runs of our designs, the picks just keep getting better and better.

We believe that music touches the soul and is the best therapy available no matter what ails you.

We are big supporters of local music and feel that anyone who loves music the way we do should be out there supporting your local musicians and venues, we MUST keep music alive and there is no better way to do this then to get out and support the industry.

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Sinister Guitar Pick – Customer Demo Videos

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