Sinster Guitar Pick Hoodie Product Review

SGP Hoodie Product Review

Product Details:

Yesterday we received a care package from our great friends at Sinister Guitar Picks. First off SGP has became more to us than a sponsor, they are part of the family! We’ve learned tons about how much SGP cares about their product as well as their customers. The package after unveiling was filled with shirts, guitar picks, stickers and “WOW… a beautifully made Hoodie“. I wear Hoodies all the time, they’re comfortable and they keep me warm in the winter; and I also stay cold in the summer.

It’s not too typical that a product such as a hoodie or clothing gets my attention, I usually just grab the first thing close to me and put it on. Today I slept in, due to a bad cold I’ve not been too much myself. I went out to have a smoke before I started in the office at WoodBangers, and it was so cold. Annika and KWOLF started laughing as I ran into the house deciding it was too cold to smoke. As I ran in I saw the Sinister package, I grabbed the hoodie to put it on and I stopped in my tracks.

This hoodie is not your typical half ass made pull over, it feels like fleece inside. Now Sinister Guitar Picks is known for having a top in product and sparing no expense to put out something nice, and this hoodie is no different. Comfortable fit, very warm, and it actually feels like I’m still cuddled in my blanket sleeping. If you like hoodies, and want one that is worth the money you pay to have one, check these out now. It is officially my favorite Hoodie and I will be ordering a lot more.

Thank you Sinister Guitar Picks! We love you and are thankful to have you in our family.




Stay Warm And Be Cool At The Same Time Rocking A SINISTER GUITAR PICKS Hoodie. Our Hoodies Are 90% Cotton/ 10% Polyester With 100% Cotton Face.  Featuring SINISTER GUITAR PICKS Logo On The Front, Nautical Stars Down The Left Sleeve, And SINISTER GUITAR PICKS Down The Right Sleeve! Black with White Print.

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