Slayaway Camp’s First Expansion: “Santa’s Slay” Launches Today!

A brand-new VHS tape of puzzles and mayhem to be had in this soon-to-be Holiday Classic

The teenagers of Slayaway Camp thought the summer’s nightmare was over… but, it was only in the middle. When Santaland’s jolly St. Nick is hideously murdered, it’s clear that crazed killer Skullface has returned! And no minimum wage part-time elf is safe in this holiday mall massacre. Remember, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice… so be DEAD for deadness sake.

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The original Slayaway Camp, released for Halloween on Steam, has already garnered critical raves from trillions of celebrity YouTube and Twitch content creators with silly names like Cinnamon Toast Ken and Markiplier; boasts 98% positive Steam user reviews; and has received glowing press coverage like:

“Two thumbs up! It’s really fucking fun!” -Jim Sterling
“Brutally cute! Drenched in good-humored gore” –Hardcore Gamer
“The most successful ode to slasher films ever… 9/10” -RelyOnHorror
“I can’t stop playing this!” -Eurogamer
“How long have we waited for a game that pits Fredric Jameson’s critique of postmodern pastiche against Linda Hutcheon’s embrace of postmodern parody? In Slayaway Camp, their deathmatch is finally staged. And yet, a question remains: is Jameson represented by the scourge of voxel children, and Hutcheon by the baleful voxel evildoers? Or is it the reverse?” – Ian Bogost, Author of ten books, creator of one cow game, and Contributing Editor at The Atlantic

Slayaway Camp: Santa’s Slay Expansion is the first official expansion pack for Slayaway Camp and adds a plethora of content to the original Slayaway Camp experience, including 25 new levels, new music, new Gorepack animations, new killers, and more! Santa’s Slay is available for purchase on December 7th, 2016 for $2 USD.

Slayaway Camp on Steam:
Santa’s Slay Expansion on Steam:
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About This Game

A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface, a psychotic slasher bent on slaughtering teenage counselors at the title campground. Slide this adorable voxel murderer around hundreds of isometric puzzle levels to squash, flay, and decapitate the hapless teens in this darkly comic homage to 80s trash horror.


Originally started as an experimental roguelike collaboration between Jason Kapalka (PopCap co-founder, designer of Bejeweled, etc) and Ido Yehieli (of Cardinal Quest 1 and 2), Slayaway Camp evolved into its current form when they realized that Sokoban-style sliding-block puzzles were enormously tedious… unless they involved gratuitous murder. Then they were awesome. Kapalka’s fondness for cult horror films finally found an outlet that had been denied during his decade at PopCap. They later teamed up with Nate Schmold (creator of cult indie game Cosmochoria) on the visual and sound design, and Slayaway Camp has found its way to Kongregate!

Game Features:

  • 10 gut-wrenching “videotapes,” plus deleted scenes, for over 200 puzzle levels
  • Traps! Cops! SWAT teams! Land mines! Rotary telephones! Cats!
  • Unlock the NC-17 mode on all movies for even more puzzle insanity (+ censored shower scenes)
  • Starring Mark Meer (Cdr. Shepard from Mass Effect) as “Skullface” and Derek Mears (Jason from Friday the 13th) as “Jessica”
  • Unlock multiple psycho killers, including ones based on cult horror movies such as “American Mary”
  • Discover dozens of spectacular “Gore-Pak” kill scenes featuring wood-chippers, lawnmowers, Sumerian demon incantations, and more!
  • Genuine hair-metal soundtrack by legendary Canadian group GNÜ TRUNTION

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