Stealth Survival Horror Game The Fallen World Gets Kickstarted.

The Fallen World

St. Louis, Missouri, 5/2, 2017 – DarkSpace Games has announced that they are seeking $14K in funding to support the development of The Fallen World, a stealth focused survival horror rpg currently in development. The Kickstarter campaign will begin May 5th and features exclusive physical editions of the game and custom characters for higher tier backers. The campaign can be viewed at

The Fallen World tasks players not just with surviving, but with actively plotting a course through the nightmare world they inhabit. Procedural encounters powered by Unreal Engine 4 enable dynamic encounters which allow every player a unique journey.

More information, the trailer, and screenshots are available at .
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The trailer

The Fallen World is currently in active development.

DarkSpace Games is a St. Louis based indie game development studio dedicated to exploring the uncharted depths of interactive story telling and design.

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