Suicide Bunny – Mother’s Milk E-Juice Review

Suicide Bunny – Mother’s Milk E-Juice Review

The Story:

So all of my friends know that I have been trying to stop smoking cigarettes for over a year. I’ve tried the meds, the patch, you name it; nothing was working. I even started #vaping when Annika and KWolf did, though it worked for Annika; KWolf and I were still smoking.

We all started with a step-up from the starter #vape kit with a few juices which were fairly good, yet it always seemed to leave my throat burning. For several weeks Annika had continued to get new juices and of course upgrade to a bigger and a more mod-based vape as she kept telling me it all had to do with the flavors. She decided to talk me into getting a better vape and of course she ordered me the one I wanted, as for e-juices she had me try several different juices though none truly fit my needs until she loaded up my tank with #MothersMilk by “The Suicide Bunny”.

Instantly the taste through me for a loop, I was so used to the e-juices that were more a watery liquid yet Mothers Milk was like the syrup that goes on my waffles. I haven’t had a cigarette since I tasted the Mother’s Milk E-Juice by Suicide Bunny and I cannot thank that company enough for this experience. Over the last few weeks I have been sleeping better, breathing better; and of course my taste buds are starting to get clearer. I cannot recommend this e-juice enough to anyone who vapes as I love this specific flavor and brand for more than just the taste, but for each day my lungs get better.
Being that it was The Suicide Bunny E-Juices which helped me to completely stop smoking I reached out to them to let them know, also stating that I will happily share my feedback on everyone of their juices in which I try and today all of their flavors arrived.

The Review:

Up first for E-Juice Flavor review would be “Mother’s Milk” by: “The Suicide Bunny”.

Being that I have now been vaping this flavor more than any for almost a month I do believe I can better give my feedback at this point. Mother’s Milk is discribed on as:

  • a deliciously rich and creamy dessert flavor, and a light strawberry exhale, Mother’s Milk is ready to rock your world.

I can fully agree on the strawberry exhale, and of course the creamy dessert flavor. I also feel it is more like a Creamy Strawberry Nesquik. In my opinion “Mother’s Milk” is more than just a great taste, it’s also a relaxing breath of life. On a rating system of a 1-5 stars, I give this E-Juice 5 Stars as it is perfectly created.
Mother’s Milk is and always will be my personal favorite E-Juice, though I do enjoy other flavors; this specific one has a special meaning in my heart.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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