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The Darkness of Ragnarokk

The Darkness of Ragnarokk is a game in development and a bunch of short stories available now. Author/Creator Suzanna Young has been working with us here at WoodBangers Entertainment as each day we are working on the development of this huge action/adventure/3rd-Person game while at the same time she has been releasing a portion of the story roughly once a month.

These short stories as you start reading them are the full in depth story that takes place within the game and some; though you have to read each one of them to know everything. Now over the the time since this project started getting mentioned we’ve heard a lot of voices speak of how much they wanted to be a part of this though it was only for those to get a name recognition as to date we’ve not seen anything from those people, but the team doing everything has been on point from day one. Suzanna’s family (Suzanna, Pops, Huskki, Krisp), Team WoodBangers (Annika, Kwolf and I), and of course the awesome musical creations by Kenneth Sutton (Sweet Kenny); this is the sum of the team and we’ve worked some miracles together.

Now above is the backend to why I’m posting this article, specifically the terms “Being a Supporter” in what people believe in or love. From the moment that Suzanna Young came to us with her game concept we’ve been focused on bringing this beautiful idea to light, while in the same process Suzanna Young has been writing and releasing the short stories known as The Darkness of Ragnarokk (comics or short stories). How many people that tell us all the time that they support and love this project has a copy (digital or physical print)? Well… I can tell you I bought a digital and physical copy of every release, even though I had a digital copy on my computer in the making stages; I still purchased them to show my support for the beautiful hard work that is going into the stories by Suzanna Young. Today I checked my mailbox to pick up Issue 7 and I had a surprise in my box, it’s concept booklet (hardcover and signed to us) of The Darkness of Ragnarokk; this made my day and I wanted to share it with all of you awesome people.

Everyone that knows us will tell you that when we buy a toy or purchase an item to collect, we never open it; every physical copy of The Darkness of Ragnarokk I own was still in the packages. Upon seeing my new hardcover The Darkness of Ragnarokk concept case, I opened every issue and loaded them into the case and the case now sits on my collector’s shelf. Ya see, when we love something we don’t tell people that we support something to make ourselves look good in front of others or to get recognition or to make an attempt to get something for free as this world has so happily became; when we love something we get behind it all the way.

Did you know that I own one of every Sinister Guitar Pick Shirt made? I have a SGP shirt for every day of the week as well as I own probably 600 guitar picks either from SGP or from bands I like; and I don’t even play guitar. We have a toy, action figure, shirt, or just a collectors item of some type to represent everything we love, we also own at least 1 album from every band we listen to; and we have the DVD or boxset DVD TV Series on every show or movie we love. Point being, if we support or love something then we’re helping them and not using them.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our supporters as well as the awesome supporters for The Darkness of Ragnarokk, our beautiful community members; and most importantly Suzanna Young and her amazing family!

Thanks for reading #hugsandloves

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