The Survivalist (2015) – Movie Review

The Survivalist (2015) – Movie Review

Movie Review –

I must say seeing the poster print work with it’s marketing quotes made me almost not watch The Survivalist (2015) as typically when something is marked so good; it’s horrible. I’ve saw good and bad reviews on this film and some reviews which you’d just want to ask “what hate group is that reviewer with”. The Survivalist (2015) is not a perfect film, and it is a very beyond slow paced film, and yes they’re camera shots in this film that will make some people cringe; though there is a whole lot worst is most cartoons and about every film on the market now days.

The Survivalist (2015) is set in a starving world and some things take place within the movie that you’d see in The Walking Dead, and all apocalyptic based films; this one is artistic. This film is very dark and set’s in a realistic atmosphere, the acting is beyond superb. I believe this film to be a very well put together movie, though yes I do have very mixed feelings on some of what was to be saw; but…. in a world of darkness you will see darkness.

Our Rating based on 1-5 Stars: 4 stars

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In a time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in forest. When two women seeking food and shelter discover his farm, he finds his existence threatened.

Plot or Story Line –

In a kill-or-be-killed world where starvation is rife and strangers are always dangerous, The Survivalist lives off the grid, and by his wits. When a starving woman and her teenage daughter discover his forest refuge, his loneliness drives him to overcome his suspicion and strike a bargain with them in return for bed and board. But as desire becomes stronger than necessity, the exchange becomes an uneasy, ongoing arrangement which threatens not only his carefully constructed world but also his life.

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