“Svih ovih godina” (All These Years) – Album Review

“Svih ovih godina” (All These Years) – Album Review

When I was asked to do a album review on this band ( Vrane Kamene ” Crows Of Stone ” ) I jumped on the chance to do it.
The album “Svih ovih godina” (All These Years) is in my opinion is a very well thought out album by the band. their style of music has a feel of old AC/DC, with hints of Jimi Hendrix, and The Cult. you can hear the Hendrix influence in the track ” Tvoje Oci Moje Ruke “, the guitar tone is so smooth and sweet on this track any Jimi Hendrix lover would agree with me. I really love the song ” Svih Ovih Godina “, it’s fast driving blues track  with a great harmonica intro to it, that’s kinda got a feel of the Rolling Stones. The bands song ” Koma i Karma “ is a slower track with some really great background vocals to it, the song starts off with some sound effects, and a very cool bass line to it, the vocals are smooth and blusey and the whole feel of the track just grooves. ” Pet Minuta Pažnje “ is a great tune!, it’s got that AC/DC feel to it, the lead guitar is on the one with this track!! I love it!!!!
The whole album is a work of art to me, all the members work well with each other on this album and the writing of the songs are really good, even though I don’t speak Serbian, the music alone had me hooked, and it really doesn’t matter at all what language it is in, this band is tight and are all the things a good band should be. I see this band going far in music and I’m sure all who hear them would agree with me.

Kenneth M. Sutton

The bands album “Svih ovih godina” (All These Years)” is a 11 track album and was released on December 4th, 2015,  through Lampshade Media. The bands line up is : Aleksandar Pejičić (Frontmen-Vocal), Marijana Jelić (Rhythm guitar), Miloš Denić (Lead guitar), Nebojša Banaj (Bass guitar), Aleksandar todosijević (Drums). they are a Garage-Alternative-Rock band coming out of Belgrade, Serbia.

You can find their music on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/svih-ovih-godina/id1062902078
and Deezer.

They also have a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/VraneKamene
and can be found on ReverbNation at https://www.reverbnation.com/vranekamene
and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vranekamene

Band Biography

Band name:  “Crows Of Stone”

City:  Belgrade

State: Serbia

Band crew:

  • Aleksandar Pejičić (Frontmen-Vocal)
  • Marijana Jelić (Rhythm guitar)
  • Miloš Denić (Lead guitar)
  • Nebojša Banaj (Bass guitar)
  • Aleksandar todosijević (Drums)


The band was founded on October 31st, 2012. in Belgrade and has been active for  3 years. We are vigor’s of night and we never wanted ordinary followers, accordingly we choose individuals who understand the dispatch of our music. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we are, and where we are coming from; the only important thing is the message that we are giving. Unpretentiously said, we have stories that we want to simply share with souls who can really perceive it. Music that we create can be defined as Garage-Alternative-Rock, although our sound already has it’s own sonic signature. We try to keep the spirit of bands like The Cult, AC-DC and similar bands. This year, in a competition between 300 bands, we won a prestige award by the votes of the people and eminent Serbian musicians and critics, on the first TV demo show called BUNT (Serbian for revolt) ROCK MASTERS, provided by the national TV station – Radio Television Serbia. Right now Crows Of Stone are one of the top 3 young bands in Serbia.

  • We performed on virtually every larger festival in our country (we had the honor of opening the Arsenal Fest 2015 in Kragujevac), and also started receiving invitations from Bosnia and Croatia
  • Among many TV and magazine inteviews, the most important to us is the review about us provided by the world known and prestige magazine Rolling Stone (Croatian issue), distributed in the entire south-eastern region of Europe
  • Except BUNT (RTS) and other radio and TV shows, our video for the song „Five Minutes Of Attention“ also got a premiere release on regional MTV  station in a show called „Domaći zadatak“ (Homework). Some of our actual songs were voted a hit of a day multiple times on Radio 202 (one of the most influental regional rock radio stations). We are also constantly featured on other music charts and radio stations outside Serbia.
  • In May 2015 we finished  work on our deby album (pic 4) called „Svih ovih godina“ (All These Years). Starting from last week it can be found on digital services  like Deezer and  iTunes.