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SweetKenny’s name says it all. His music is…well…SWEET! SweetKenny (Kenneth M. Sutton) is from the Motor City and he is not just another run-of-the-mill rocker. SweetKenny is a man of many talents and has spent a lifetime making his contributions to music and many other forms of creativity. This man has taught himself to play the guitar, engineered all of his own recordings, created all of his own cover art for albums, and so much more. We at WoodBangers are privileged beyond words to be graced with his presence.

SweetKenny began his “sweet” career at the age of 11, learning how to play drums. He began singing, playing guitar, and recording when he was 15. This all launched a great life and career for Kenny, as he has spent the years performing, recording, mixing, and mastering for many other artists. He also does cover art and even animation. He has done (and still does) album cover art for many other artists, and he has even done some animation for videos, shows, and even created cartoons. WOW! What else does this guy have up his sleeve? LOL!

SweetKenny has had placements in film and television, his music has been on Detroit radio stations, as well as internet radio stations around the world, and he has one hell of a discography. He recently released the album “INK!” on the 31st of March 2014, and he is already busy in the studio on his next album. For anything else and everything else SweetKenny, go to http://www.sweetkenny.com, where Kenny has posted the announcement that he is looking for band members from throughout the state of Michigan. For anybody out who thinks they got the goods to keep up with him, an inquiry and information can be emailed to sweetkenny@sweetkenny.com. He can also be found at http://www.reverbnation.com/sweetkenny. It would be an excellent idea to go to these sights and check out all of Kenny’s stuff and see what he has done…we do not want to spoil it for anyone.

Article by: Captain Cole

Social & Official Links: Facebook Twitter MySpace YouTube BandCamp Reverbnation | VKontakte | Last.fm | BandZone | Official Website | WoodBangers

Official Band Biography –

Info: SweetKenny
Kenneth M. Sutton

Kenneth M. Sutton was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 4th, 1961
Ken started his music career when he was 11 years old playing the Drums,
his love of music has started him in Recording and singing when he was 15 years old on a 2-track tape player,
Ken would record himself singing like Elvis Presley and playing the Guitar which he taught himself to play.

Ken Sutton has played in various bands and has written and co-written many songs with other artist
Ken has had Radio play in Detroit on WPON 1460 am and Internet Radio in and out of the USA.
Ken is now working on his career as a solo artist,
and has returned back to writing with his new albums”SweetKenny “Raw and Honest”, “The Whole World Is A Fantasy
” FootSteps “, ” Jennifer’s Box Of Junk “, ” Doo Hickey “, ” Perception ”
and his newest album released on November 30,2013 titled “Cracks In The Wall ”
He’s also writing a new album titled ” INK! ” due for release on March, 2014

He has also been Accepted into Pump Audio music service.
And Soundfile Productions Inc. in LA. Soundfile Productions Inc, has also “Published” many of Ken’s songs.(see foot note)

In 1984 Ken started his Recording career on a 4-track tape recorder and recorded for local players in Detroit, things started to work for Ken and he then moved up to an A-dat 8-track recorder. From then on Ken has not looked back and began Recording on a DAW, starting out with Steinberg’s Cubase in 1993 and then moving up to Nuendo, Ken has attended Berklee Music ,and has recived Certification’s, in DeskTop Music Productions, Mixing and Mastering in Protools and Music Production.

Ken has recorded and Mastered for artists as:

Benny Lang : Guitar player for The Miracles, The Dramatics, The Temptations and other Motown artists.

Larry Johnson : Singer, Dancer and Actor in Detroit.

Highwater Detroit : ( Mastered their Cds )

Reverend Robert Sexton AllStar Blues Review Band: ( Mastered their Cd )

Ray Franks : Country Singer

Fred Evans : local Detroit Rapper

C- Stacks: Boston Rapper ( Mastered his songs for the radio and Cd )

MG Records: mastered cd (“FatBoy On A Sucker Free Diet” 2009)

Barbara Rose Collins ( Detroit City Council Woman ) Radio Spot.

Labyrinth : Detroit Rock Band. ( Ken Sutton )

and many more………

Ken has also done the Cd and DVD designs for Country / Blue Grass singer, Ray Franks.

Things I have done:
All the video work was done by me (Ken Sutton), as was all the animation in the video’s, I created all the character’s in the animation.

Recorded all the songs, mastered all the songs, wrote all the lyric’s to the songs, played on and produced the songs.

I designed all the art work to the Cd’s and DVD’s, and created the DVD’s.

Reverend Robert Sexton’s AllStar Blues Review.
(“HAVE MERCY” Music Video)

I also write film scores and game scores, and many has been “Published” by “Soundfile Production Inc” in LA., Soundfile Productions Inc. has had placement in many tv shows CSI (CBS), Law and Order (NBC) and Sleeper Cell (Showtime). “War” (Lionsgate), “Waitress” (Fox), and “The Protector” (Weinstein Company) to name a few.

I also have just completed this year (2009), “TWO” (2) animated music video’s for Boston, Ma. rapper C-STACKS as well as designed his new cd “C $TACK$, MY STORY”. as well as the dvd’s “SEX GAMES” and “WHEN I TAKE OFF” by C STACKS. I have also designed and edited the raw interview rappers show “The Corner” hosted by C-Stacks and seen on youtube.com

I have also designed the new Ray Franks cd titled ” LOOK UP! Ray Franks Sings Country Gospel”. do out at the end of June 2009

I have also just completed the new cd design for Ray Franks titled ” Come Join Our Tea Party, Let’s Take America Back!” 2010 and a music video for title song “Let’s Take America Back”

I have also created an animation cartoon titled “Quest For The Hearts Of SweetKenny”
this year (2011) that you can see on my website www.sweetkenny.com and also on youtube at www.youtube.com/sweetkenny1 and www.vimeo.com. “I am a creative artist and love what I do”


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