‘Switch – Or Die Trying’ on Steam Today

switch or die trying

‘Switch – Or Die Trying’ on Steam Today

Test Your Skills and Patience in Threye Interactive’s New 2D Puzzle Platformer

New Delhi, India – March 7, 2017 – Indian game development studio Threye Interactive today announced the launch of their 2D puzzle platformer Switch – Or Die Trying on Steam for Windows and Mac OS X. Starring as the letter ‘i’ players set out on an adventure across five subtly designed worlds to mend broken friendships with the remaining letters of the alphabet. The classic platforming mechanics employed in the game are complimented with a ‘switching’ twist that adds more versatility as well as more challenge into this addictive platforming experience.

“‘Switch – Or Die Trying’ is our first project released globally and we are excited to see how players will respond to its unique concept and fun gameplay”, said Bharat Nag from Threye Interactive. “With minimalist 2D graphics and simple to learn gameplay, Switch – Or Die Trying might seem like an easy game, but don’t be fooled because the dynamic game mechanics create an exciting, tough to master experience that will keep players entertained for hours”!

In Switch – Or Die Trying players “switch” across traps and obstacles, speedrun through gruelling situations, and test their reflexes with unique environmental interactions. Following known 2D platforming mechanics such as jumping, wall jumping and shooting, Switch – Or Die Trying introduces a unique ‘switching’ mechanic which not only affects the platforms in several ways but also grants a double jump that players must use in certain situations to reach higher, farther targets. With a beautiful, minimalist 2D art style, Switch – Or Die Trying features over 70 highly challenging levels and a fun, exciting soundtrack. Switch – Or Die Trying is now available on Steam for $9.99, 9.99€ and £6.99 with a 20% discount the first week.

About Threye Interactive
Based in New Delhi, India, Threye Interactive is an award winning interactive tech development company with one goal – immersion. It aims to provide its users compelling experiences powered by the latest strides in technology – a rare amalgam of art and science. Threye has been carrying out cutting edge research in the field of AR/VR/computer vision and machine learning via its engagements with the technologically demanding aerospace and defence sector. And while it gets better and better with the tech part, it harnesses that power to create beautiful experiences for its users – those that can move the senses, appeal to the heart, and bring out emotions, predominantly via the medium of games. The latest of which, is Switch – Or Die Trying. For more information, visit: http://www.threye.com

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