Tappymon – Mobile Game Review – Beta


Tappymon – Mobile Game Review

So… I’m truly uncertain how to get this review started being that I cannot put my phone down long enough lol. Over this past week I’ve been speaking with some great people over at MediaSoft Entertainment about their game Tappymon which is currently in beta. It took a bit of chatting back and forth so I was certain to have all of the information while they set me up with a testflight of the game on IOS. Once the game landed in my invite box, I was so excited that it made it through that I immediately went to opening it; well from that point my phone battery has been continuously on charger.

To say the words an addictive game in the description is saying it very lightly, this game is awesome all the way through. The characters the team designed are cute and interesting to watch while making them evolve from one stage to the next, which takes a lot of TAPPING! 🙂

I’ve been loading the app in between breaks and during car rides since I got the access, I love Tappymon and I can certainly say that I can’t wait for it’s Official release. Tappymon from beginning to end is a smooth playing, easy to understand, artistically perfect game already; so let’s hope it’s launch will be soon.

Game Status: Beta
Game Platform: The version we reviewed is IOS platform.

Rating (1-5 stars): 5 Stars

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Website and Details: https://www.facebook.com/TappymonGame/

Video Trailer:

Enter the wonderful land of Tappymon, filled with adorable monsters. Take on the role as the best Tappymon trainer you can be and form a team of your own powerful Tappymons! Feed and combine elements to uncover all their hidden powers and tap your way into an exciting adventure!

About Tappymon:
Tappymon is an addictive fast action tapping game where you as a Tapping Monster trainer can feed, battle and evolve your Tappymon! Explore the world, collect food, items and evolution stones to make your Tappymon stronger! There are 8 element types with three evolutions, with more being added. With the many different types of Tappymon you’ll have your hands full to grow, evolve and Hatch Them All!

By MediaSoft Entertainment: http://www.vmediasoft.com/

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