TERA: Update Introduces New Enchantment System and Fresh Dungeon Action

More powerful gear / Endgame dungeon challenges / Server launch and stack of events for new players and TERA veterans

Karlsruhe/Germany, 11/10/2017 – Gameforge and developers Bluehole are stepping up a gear with the latest update to the action-packed fantasy MMO TERA. The patch introduces fundamental changes to the enchantment system, offering the ability to level up items, and bringing a new twist to the way players equip their characters.

The patch also opens the doors on two new dungeons for players from level 65 – Thaumetal Refinery and RK-9 Kennel. A raft of events are set to coincide with the release of the free update, while new servers for each language provide players both old and new with the perfect opportunity to explore the world of TERA afresh.

With new materials and a fresh approach, the overhauled enchantment system now offers players attractive bonuses when they improve their weapons and armor. Each enchantment level increases an item’s main stat, while additional buff effects can be chosen directly and without cost on sealed items. Players can see at a glance immediately which of the available options is most suited to their individual class. After reaching the maximum enchantment, items can now be leveled up into newer more powerful ones.

The new release expands the world of TERA with two new dungeons for 5-player groups from level 65. Three challenging bosses await players in the Thaumetal Refinery. Available in normal and hard modes, players must venture through the jungle and infiltrate the dungeon’s refinery, taking a trip in a mining cart along the way.

In the RK-9 Kennel, players must confront giant killer robots and a crazed scientist, avoiding dangerous traps and overcoming attacks from bombs, energy orbs and gigantic industrial hammers. At this time the RK-9 Kennel is only available in normal mode, however the patch slated for November will enable the dungeon’s hard mode.

New servers are being launched in all languages to coincide with the update release, accompanied by tons of events depending on the type of server. New and existing servers receive their own mix of challenges and activities, rewarding players with valuable items, special tokens or even flying dragons.

About TERA

TERA is an action-packed MMORPG set in an exciting and detailed fantasy world of breathtaking visuals. The game offers truly dynamic gameplay, which thanks to the true action combat system gives players full control over their characters, requiring them to target enemies, as well as dodge and block attacks in order to be successful in combat.

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