Hi, I’m Matty the overworked software engineer who keeps everything running. Not only do I do this here at WoodBangers Entertainment, I also do the impossible for thousands of clients around the world. I’ve thought long and hard about having a website to display my work but honestly, I’ve done so much work that It’d take me a few years to get all of the content in. The break things down and simple, I’m typically the guy that a company brings in to fix what no one else could. When something is broken or has been said to be impossible, well that’s when I come in.

My Basic Skillset:

  • PHP, HTML, HTML5, Perl, Curl, Ruby on Rails, Jquery, CSS, SEO, Java, C, C#, VB, etc (no limitations with any code languages)
  • Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, Apache, Nginx, (all operating systems, all server-side deployments)
  • wordpress, boonex dolphin, code ignitor, joomla, drupal, foxphp, (all platforms)
  • Plugin development, SSL (setup properly), server side security, MYSQL, etc
  • Social and Web Marketing/Promotion
  • Graphic Design, Audio/Video Engineering

On a daily basis, I stroll through almost every site I’ve built and checked it’s updated, do a fine security check, and I even upgrade the PHP levels just to be certain that nothing is broken or will. Most of the time the people or clients that I look after only get an email saying “Everything is Up to date” without them having to ask me to do so; isn’t that what someone in my role of work should do? Well on the note of displaying all of my client’s work I can’t do this out of respect for the privacy of my clients. If you’ve made it to this page then you already should know that I have the skills to do what you may be here seeking though if you have questions you may send me an email via the contact form and I will reply within no later than 12 hours.

I’ve decided to let my clients or persons who I’ve done work for speak for my abilities instead. If I “Matty Blaine Mudshovel” have done any software related or website related work for you or have done business with on any level, please take a moment to leave a testimonial below, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all who leave testimonials, as well as you who are reading this.


In addition to my skill set, I also have an amazing team here at WoodBangers Entertainment who work with me on various tasks if a client wishes me to bring them in. Our team can cover any magnitude of project type or size. Our team consists of Game Developers, Art Designers for 2D and 3D, App developers for all platforms. You name the task and we certainly have a team that can handle it.


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