Hi, I’m Matty the overworked software engineer who keeps everything running. Not only do I do this here at WoodBangers Entertainment, I also do the impossible for thousands of clients around the world. I’ve thought long and hard about having a website to display my work but honestly, I’ve done so much work that It’d take me a few years to get all of the content in. The break things down and simple, I’m typically the guy that a company brings in to fix what no one else could. When something is broken or has been said to be impossible, well that’s when I come in.

My Basic Skillset:

  • PHP, HTML, HTML5, Perl, Curl, Ruby on Rails, Jquery, CSS, SEO, Java, C, C#, VB, etc (no limitations with any code languages)
  • Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, Apache, Nginx, (all operating systems, all server-side deployments)
  • wordpress, boonex dolphin, code ignitor, joomla, drupal, foxphp, (all platforms)
  • Plugin development, SSL (setup properly), server side security, MYSQL, etc
  • Social and Web Marketing/Promotion
  • Graphic Design, Audio/Video Engineering

On a daily basis, I stroll through almost every site I’ve built and checked it’s updated, do a fine security check, and I even upgrade the PHP levels just to be certain that nothing is broken or will. Most of the time the people or clients that I look after only get an email saying “Everything is Up to date” without them having to ask me to do so; isn’t that what someone in my role of work should do? Well on the note of displaying all of my client’s work I can’t do this out of respect for the privacy of my clients. If you’ve made it to this page then you already should know that I have the skills to do what you may be here seeking though if you have questions you may send me an email via the contact form and I will reply within no later than 12 hours.

I’ve decided to let my clients or persons who I’ve done work for speak for my abilities instead. If I “Matty Blaine Mudshovel” have done any software related or website related work for you or have done business with on any level, please take a moment to leave a testimonial below, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all who leave testimonials, as well as you who are reading this.


In addition to my skill set, I also have an amazing team here at WoodBangers Entertainment who work with me on various tasks if a client wishes me to bring them in. Our team can cover any magnitude of project type or size. Our team consists of Game Developers, Art Designers for 2D and 3D, App developers for all platforms. You name the task and we certainly have a team that can handle it.


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Testimonials Below

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I first started doing business with Matty 18 months ago when I came to him with an idea. I'm so glad that I did. Our progress with the project has been exceptional as are his skills and knowledge with his given fields. His communication and reliability is key to what he does. Confidentiality is of the uppermost importance alongside making sure his clients needs are met with very high standards. Whatever difficulties I come across, whether it be with my website or software i know I can approach Matty in the knowledge that he is more than capable of fixing it. I look forward to many more years of working with him.

Suzanna Young   

Custom Backend for a Game:
We needed a custom backend with unique support for uploading and voting on user content. Then we needed some tricky file conversion using another custom installation. Neither of these tasks was easy or "off the shelf". Not only did Matty do an incredible job - he was always available to help answer questions and help get things right. Very few developers have both the technical chops and the business skills to understand that clients want the whole package. Matty is superior in every way. Thanks for the great work.

Randy Angle   
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Matty has proven himself to be an expert coder, troubleshooter, and point-of-reference a million times over; definitely the team member we didn't know we needed but now can't live without. Matty was introduced to us after we exhausted every effort to move our existing code from an outdated server to something more current. With that came tons of old code and bugs galore, and that's quite the understatement! Most would have scoffed at the idea and moved on, but Matty got to work and made the impossible possible. We're proud to say that our software is now operating at the most efficient it's ever been, our customers and clients are being serviced, and it's opened additional revenue opportunities. I can honestly say it's because of the work Matty put into bringing our software into the 21st Century. Trust me when I say that few can do what he does, and even fewer can do it with the same poise and professionalism. Matty Mudshovel gets it done, period.

Alexander Talbott   
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I have worked with the Woodbangers staff for several years. They have
been supportive, creative and personal. Woodbangers has gone out of their
way to help my business and my artists develop. When I have had some
health issues, Woodbangers has additionally taken the time to reach out
and offer support. Thank you Woodbangers and it has been a pleasure!!
Cherie Kausler Echo Eyes Entertainment

Cherie Kausler Echo Eyes Entertainment   
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Matty has been working with me for close to 4 years now and I can honestly say without his computer skills and just the amount of knowledge he possesses has saved me and my business many hours of heartache and actually money by keeping my website in top shape. When we first me he did a check on my website that I had a company build for me and he found so many issues that would have left me (my website) vulnerable to both hacking and being hi-jacked. He also added some recommended plug ins that I had no idea about and had my website safer, faster, and cleaned up all the loose ends that the company who created the site just left me a target for spam and hackers. Since than and over the years I get emails out of no where saying "your website is updated and running good", I could never work with any other person or trust anyone as much as I do with Matty, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times when I had called him and he stopped whatever he was doing to see what I needed, and when I needed him he jumped right on it. You see i know just enough about computers and websites to really screw things up if I am not careful, so to me having Matty working for me is priceless. The other great thing about working with Matty is his personality, I have called him in full out terror mode and not once has he even react in a negative manner, quite the opposite. He will always say in a nice calm voice, "okay whats going on"? Then he says "no problem consider it done" or "okay give me a minute and we will get it fixed". He is always calm, courteous, and makes me feel like my issue is a priority to him and he ALWAYS gets things done in a timely fashion,. To top it off he is also extremely reliable with excellent communication skills, you see he can explain complicated computer stuff and dumb it down for me so I understand (as best I can) what is going on and why. We have become good friends over the years working together, he is definitely somebody you can trust, rely on, and get you exactly what you want done. If You have any doubts or questions feel free to email me, I would be more than happy to tell you how Matty is the best at what he does.

Joseph Fortmuller   
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a miracle worker! They'res no one like Mr Mudshovel, he's a machine.

Jack Bailey   
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WOW!! Matty at Woodbangers has helped me through some rough web stuff with my websites... he found the problem when none could and fixed it in about 10mins. he also did a check for me on fake site offers and kept me from hackers. many would walk away from small things and just stay with the big stuff, but not Matty, he cares and go's over 100% and this is the best part! he made me feel like I was the only one at the time, he dropped all just to fix it for me.
He's a great guy who cares and I trust him and his skillsets to do the job.

Kenneth M. Sutton

Kenneth Sutton   
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I have known Matty for 3 years now and every second I have enjoyed it, every day we talk about anything and everything he can fix any technical aspect of any computer if he don't know anything about something he will figure it out he has done the impossible many times, he don't stop he's like a terminator hell he probably code a terminator him self. I have been working with Matty almost 3 years and I hope I work with him for many more years. 5 stars 10/10

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I have worked with Matty off and on over the past 2 years when ever I needed something ether last minute project or something down the pipe Matty always comes through.

Author Picture

I'm working with him from last two and a half years and and he is one of the true professional I've ever met. Helps me in my tasks, and always find solutions where I stuck and keeps me updated with latest trends. Apart from work he is a family to me and always takes care of my needs, situation. Thank you so much Matty and Woodbangers team. It's great to be part of you.

Aoun Naqvi   

Matty has maintained our sites and sharpened our web presence with around the clock precision for many years now. His deep comprehension of the constantly morphing SEO landscape keeps our sites positioned high in searches, and our traffic skyrocketed when he took over managing our metadata tags and website security. He constantly updates and verifies security codes and keys. If your business is ready to take off, you need a team member with experience and knowledge to guide your business forward to monumental growth. Matty Mudshovel is your man.

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