Become Thor, the mighty God of Thunder in the newly released Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure!

The House of Fables invites all Norse mythology fans to dive into a beautiful fantasy world of Scandinavian legends, gods, and artifacts.

September 1st, Warsaw, Poland.
Welcome to Asgaard, a mythical land where Norse gods dwell. Dive into a fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian legends. Play as the mighty Thor, God of Thunder, face the raging Loki, and help to stop Ragnarok, the mythical end of days…

Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure will allow you to enter a fantasy world, gather magical artifacts, and solve puzzles that epitomize the genre. Beautiful hand-drawn locations, stirring music, and a fantastic story will make you feel like you’re part of the legend.

“Our team has quite a lot of experience creating adventure games,” said Adam Robaszyński-Janiec, studio CEO. “We know what our fans expect and what kind of experience they are looking for. So as soon as VR headsets started to become popular, we knew that they were perfect for the kind of games we create. But instead of adapting one of our previously released titles to one of the platforms, we’ve decided to create a game that is designed specifically with VR headsets in mind. One that would allow gamers to fully dive into the game world and let them feel like they’re a part of it. That’s how Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure was born,” Robaszyński-Janiec added.

A Global VR Challenge Finalist and Tokyo Game Show 2016 Indie Area Official Selection, the game is now available on Gear VR. You can download it from the Oculus Store: / for as little as $2.99.


·         Beautiful hand-drawn locations.
·         Stirring soundtrack.
·         The mythical world of Norse gods to explore.
·         Voice acting by the world-famous Michael McConnohie.
·         Play as the mighty Thor, God of Thunder!

To learn more about the game, visit the official website and Facebook profile.

Visit the domains of Thor, Freya, and Odin, collect magical horn fragments, and destroy the powerful and unpredictable Loki! Let yourself to be taken INTO the adventure!
About The House of Fables

The House of Fables is a studio experienced in games development. The passionate team is focused on making casual Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure games, Time Management games, and mobile apps. The developers plan to continue working on this kind of casual entertainment, but are also exploring new areas, such as VR technology. The studio was established back in August 2014. The members of the team, however, have significant experience in casual game development and are known for such titles as Gardens Inc., Sea of Lies: Burning Coast, and Eventide: Slavic Fable. The team is currently working on a virtual reality game called Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure. The House of Fables developers believe that making games and bringing entertainment to gamers is the best thing they can do. They want to create fantastic stories and intriguing worlds to explore. That’s why they are called The House of Fables – a company that can take gamers on an adventure into a wonderful fable of their choice.

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