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Odysea Aquarium Review

October 16, 2016 Matthew Blaine

Not too long ago we had the time to swing in to check out the Odysea Aquarium of Scottsdale Arizona. It’s certainly a new presence in the the desert area though it has charm for sure. [Read More]

Nerdblock review
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Nerdblock Review

July 27, 2016 Matthew Blaine

Nerdblock – Business Review So where to begin on this review without putting all of the negative issues we ran into from start to finish? First off, we decided after talking with a lot of [Read More]

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USPS – Review

September 16, 2015 Matthew Blaine

Has the US Postal Service become obsolete? Has the US Postal Service just completely forgotten how to get mail to it’s location properly and on time? Have the sorting offices just gotten completely lazy? Well [Read More]

Business Review – Review

August 9, 2015 Matthew Blaine – Review Review: The vaping world has become a huge multi functional organization of people who believe in a product that is safe and effective. There are thousands among thousands of smokers out there that [Read More]