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B3 – PC Game Review

July 6, 2016 Other Writers

B3 is a small indie game being developed by Psycho Robot Studios based out of Oregon. It was submitted to Steam Greenlight in the second half of last year, and was Greenlit back in February [Read More]

cat cave
Game Review

Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review

June 29, 2016 Other Writers

Cat Cave – Mobile Game Review Cat Cave: Attack of the Batworms is a simple, straightforward little mobile game made by the small indie games development team Astire Games, based out of Austin, Texas. This [Read More]

Game Review

Firewatch – Game Review

February 20, 2016 BaLZaR Harry

So another “walking simulator” 🙁 … But before you judge, let me tell you this game builds up the tension right. After a some exposition “Henry” ( your character) is dropped in Shoshone National Forest in [Read More]

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