Traverse the Surface as a Lightning-Fast Cyberfish in Volnaiskra’s Spryke

Now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!

MELBOURNE, Australia – Oct. 12, 2016 – Spryke, a meticulously-crafted hardcore platformer for PCs, is now seeking funds on Kickstarter. (Steam users may also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.) Help cyberfish Spryke sprint, glide, and fly through a dry, dangerous world filled to the brim with strange creatures, stunning locales, and lifelike animations – coupled with tough-as-nails platforming gameplay reminiscent of modern classics such as Super Meat Boy and Rayman.

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So far, Spryke has secured $3,250 of a ~$30,000 USD ($40,000 AUD) funding goal. The crowdfunding campaign is set to end on Friday, November 11, 2016. Spryke is expected to arrive on Windows in November 2017.

The Pathfinder reward tier includes a Limited Edition Xbox One Elite Controllercustomized with the Spryke title and logo. This version of the most premium gamepad currently on the market features professional custom shell artwork, glow-in-the-dark metallic components, and a deluxe heavy duty case.

Developed by indie studio Volnaiskra, Spryke begins in the deep seas of the planet Kespuron – the homeland of the Sporala, a gentle fish-like species. Far above the Sporala, the Axonyke’s majestic civilization sprawls the overworld. The two species live so far apart that they’re barely aware of each other. Yet one girl was born a hybrid: half Sporala, half Axonyke. Growing up, Spryke’s hybrid body struggled with the intense pressure of the deep oceans. Strange and distant voices haunted her dreams, and she became frustrated by her uniqueness.

As Spryke and her friends investigate a mysterious structure, the Sporala quickly realize they are unable to survive its waterless chambers. But not only can Spryke survive in this newfound environment: She can THRIVE! Here, she’s fast and agile… With a sense of newfound freedom, she quickly claims the structure as her own. It’s here that Spryke’s adventure begins as she sets out to uncover what’s been going on in the Axonyke world above.

Featuring tons of parallax scrolling, an alien alphabet inspired by an ancient Slavic Glagolitic script, and a thumping electronic soundtrack, Spryke will have you rushing through levels to avoid scary creatures and other dangers along the way. Skillfully navigate this enigmatic overworld armed only with Spryke’s speed, agility and insta-bubble. However, if you go too fast you’ll miss a wealth of secrets and unlockables. It pays to slow down from time to time 🙂

Hawkeye, Commander Keen 4, Yoshi’s Island, Wonder Boy: These games always managed to transport me to beautiful worlds full of breathtaking challenges – and for the time, they were on the cutting edge of technology: brand new, exciting, and gorgeous,” says Dave Bleja, founder of Volnaiskra. “With Spryke, I’m leaving quaint, pixelated graphics behind to make a game that embodies the creativity and challenge of the classics married with the production values and innovative gameplay players demand today. I’m counting on Kickstarter and Steam users to help us deliver the best looking, fastest platformer of all time!”

Key Features
l  Dive into fast-paced platforming action.
l  Explore a lush universe filled with strange creatures and obstacles.
l  Make every moment count – and race for an unbeatable time.
l  Reach your end goal by tackling levels in any order you wish.
l  Discover a wealth of secrets and unlockables.

Platforms & Availability
Spryke is due out on Windows in November 2017. Other platforms are being considered – including Mac [available if the associated stretch goal is met], Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

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About Volnaiskra
Volnaiskra is Dave Bleja – an independent developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Bleja is driven by an innate sense of creativity, appreciation of art, and love for fine details. He’s spent over a decade working as an animator, illustrator, multimedia developer and designer. In 2014, he took a risk and quit his career to pursue his dream of making an immersive, deeply crafted platformer. To learn more about Volnaiskra and Spryke, please visit .

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