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How can I upload a primary photo

Go to Account then click on Avatar. You will be able to select an Avatar as your primary photo or you can upload a photo from your computer. If the Photos module is installed, from the View photo page you can set a photo as your Default Avatar.

How can I edit my profile?

Go to Account then click Edit Profile. You will be able to edit your profile details such as Headline, Description, Gender etc.

How can I send a private message to a user?

There are 2 ways you can send a private message to a user 1) Click on the Mail icon in member menu and select Compose. In the Recipient field, type in the username of the user you want to send a message to. If the username exists, it will populate as you're typing in the Username. This will help to ensure you type in the correct username. 2) From the users profile you can click Send Letter.

Can I view messages I have sent?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu and click Outbox. This will take you to your Outbox which contains Messages and Greetings you have sent. You can have just messages display or just Greetings by placing a check mark beside what you want to see. Removing a check mark beside Messages for example will display everything but Messages and vise versa.

I accidentally removed the wrong message, can I retrieve it?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu then click on Trash. This will display all Messages and Greetings you deleted. Choose what you want to retrieve and click Restore The message(s) selected will now be back in your Inbox.

Are my messages on here permanently unless I delete them?

To save space on our server and to ensure the site is not running what it doesn't need to run, old messages maybe removed periodically.

How does Subscriptions work?

When you subscribe to another user, that user's profile will be listed in your subscriptions page. This also applies to subscribing to other users activities such as blogs etc.

A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?

If a member of the site is harassing you, Ignore or block that user. If the problem progresses you should contact us with their profile url.

Why was my account terminated?

We strictly enforce our Terms Of Service and make every effort possible to make sure all users are following them. Your account may have been terminated due to a breach in the Terms Of Service (aka TOS). If you felt that your account was terminated for no probable reason, we ask that you contact the site administrator.

Why does my profile status say Approval?

The administrator may have chosen to have profiles approved first before joining the site.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing your password. Try typing your password with CAPS LOCK off. If this fails, you can request a password that will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.

How do I add something?

You can use the Plus button to add almost everything in this community. The PLUS button is in the bottom right corner of the website, see photo for reference.

Where can I find Points, Gifts, Rewards, My Membership, etc?

We've moved around the navigation a bit to basically put most of the tools in simpler locations. Now you may use your Member Bar at the top right of the site, see your photo at the top? Click on it.

With the Member Bar you can:

  • edit profile
  • set your social connection settings
  • check membership
  • set notifications
  • see achievements
  • check out rewards

and more.

Not only can you access these items in the Member Bar, you may also go to Dashboard and look on the left and right site.

Can I create a Band Page?

Members may create fan pages of bands, musicians, and musical artists they love/enjoy and with to share with the community. You may upload images, youtube videos, biographies, and much more as long as it pertains to the band in some way. Other fans within the community can become a fan of the page. If they have stuff they want to add and help out with building, they can talk to the person who created the page and be brought in to help build the fan page and make it all the more awesome. If the said band/artist even joins the WoodShed, and sees the fan page and wishes to help build (NOT TAKE OVER) the page for their fans, they can talk to the creator of the page and request to become a part of it. This is a site about COMMUNITY not selfish individuals. Build as a group. If the band/artist joins the site and sees the fan page, and doesn’t want it up, they may talk to the fan that created it and request it be taken down, BUT seeing as that it is a fan page, built and maintained by the fans, bands should have a good reason for this or risk alienating fans who are trying to show and share their love of what they love (in this case, the band in question).

Status versus Timeline

Okay status and posting to your wall or timeline are two different things. Status is your overall "how things are going with you" which may changed by using the + symbol in the bottom right corner. This item does post to your wall as it is something that you did similar to adding a photo.

Timeline or known as your wall is what youre sharing continuously. Notice that when you post a status it displays all the time on your profile cover, as posting to your wall only displays in your wall.

Just a tip that I thought to point out.

The best way to add videos

Once you have clicked the + Button to add videos and have created an album, simply choose the Uploader Option and select embed. You can use the url as well as the official youtube links. Simple stuff

How do I change my profile privacy settings?

To change the main default setting for your profile, go up top to your name and click that to get the drop menu. Go down to the "Settings" option and click that. It will take you to a page where you can change a lot of your profile information and other things. There is a box at the top right of this page that reads "Edit Profile Privacy". Click the dropbox and choose who you want to be able to view your profile.

Please note, that you need to pay attention to what you upload things as though, because you can change that to anything you want. So say you want to upload something for the entire site to see, but have your profile viewable by friends only, then when uploading or submitting something, make sure to click "Members". Or if you want to only share something with your faves, but not whatever your profile setting is set to, then you can choose that when submitting.

How do I tweak my notifications?

On the site's main menu bar, go to the far right, just beside "News" is one that says "More".  Click that, and it will give you more options. Scroll over to the right and click "Notifier"; it is right beside the "FAQ"This takes you to the page where you can change how often you are notified and by whom you are notified. Make sure to hit save when you are done. You have to hit save for each area as you finish doing them. It will not save the "Settings" if you hit save on the "Notification Actions for Friends/Faves", and the same applies the other way around! So make sure to  save things for each area after you change them!

How do I change my profile status message?

On the white bar at the bottom of your screen, at the right side there is the plus sign ( + ). Click that and you will get a menu with options, that pops up. There is a very light gray box at the top there that says "Status Message..." and a slightly darker gray. Click IN that box and type what you want your status to say. Press the "Enter" button on your keyboard when done, and your status will be updated. You can now go to your profile and see it under your name on the profile cover.

How do I change my online presence?

On the white bar at the bottom of your browser window, at the left where your avatar and name is, click that. It will pop up a list of various online statuses; choose whichever you wish to be at that time: Online, Offline, Away, or Busy. You will be that every time you are on the site, unless you change it. IF you wish to navigate the community invisibly, click "Offline" and you will appear offline.

How do I upload or change my profile cover/header?

Go to your profile and click on the words "Change Cover" cover image area (it will most likely be white lettering). This will take you to a page where you can then upload an image of your choice. Once you are done, you can click submit and you will now have the image of your choice as your cover/header. To change it in the future, you do the same thing.

956 pixels wide and 306 pixels tall is the rough recommended size, or a similar ratio, if you do not want anything cut off. Note though, it may be resized some depending on mobile device or browser.

How do I upload or change my profile image?

Go to your profile and click on the circular avatar image in the header area (it will most likely be a soft gray image with a white letter for your first name). This will take you to a page where you can then upload an image of your choice. Once you are done, you can click submit and you will now have the image of your choice, as your profile picture. To change it in the future, you do the same thing.

How do I block someone?

Go to the person's page that you want to block and look on the left hand navigation links for BLOCK. Click on the BLOCK link and approve the block. Blocking a member prohibits them from messaging you, commenting on your page, blogs, events, classifieds and blocks them from being able to rate your pictures or profile. Blocking a member does NOT stop them from coming on to your page to look around.

Points In Depth FAQ


Points may not be transferred from one profile to another, this is considered Point Farming and person or persons who attempt this action will be perma-banned.

Q: How does one get or earn WoodShed Points?

A: The main and easiest way to earn WoodShed points is by being an active member of the community. Little things like commenting, liking, sharing, blogging, and more can earn you points. You can earn up to 450 points a day if you are a busy little bee, with up to 15 days per month getting maxed out on points. For a more indepth breakdown of how many points you can earn per action around the WoodShed, go click the points diamond on the bar at the bottom of the browser window. If you have a Twitch account and take part in the Woodbangers streams and hang out in the chat, you are earning WoodyCash, which can be converted into WoodShed points if you reach over 1000 WoodyCash in a month and wish to have it carried into the Shed. Please note there is a conversion ratio of 30 to 100 (both ways). You may also get points by going to the “Buy Points” page and buying more points. Our prices follow the simple economy like games use. Prices for points:

  • $0.99 = 100 WoodShed Points
  • $4.99 = 550 WoodShed Points
  • $9.99 = 1200 WoodShed Points
  • $19.99 = 2500 WoodShed Points
  • $39.99 = 5200 WoodShed Points
  • $99.99 = 14,500 WoodShed Points

Points may be used for the following things:

  • Anything currently within the rewards store
  • WoodShed membership
  • A Review
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