UE4 Turn-Based Mech game “DUAL GEAR” Finished a 2nd IndieGoGo campaign over 200%! InDemand funding now opened!

Genre: Turn Based Strategy, Tactical Action, Mech, Robot
Platform: STEAM (Windows, Mac), PS4, XBOXONE
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Orbital Speed Studio Co., Ltd.
Estimated Release Date: April 2017

Bangkok/ Thailand October 17th, 2016

Japanese Turn Based Mecha Inspire game “DUAL GEAR” Finally finished the IndieGoGo campaign in the second round! All supporter has unlocked Mod Support stretch goal!

The game raised a fund by 220% on past 15th October. Over 10,000 USD, Mod Support is on the way to development and will deploy on the STEAM workshop in the future. That is a first stretch goal done by the game. Now the campaign still running with InDemand mode allowed by the only successful campaign on IndieGoGo and able to receiving more contributor after the campaign ended. It’s also like a pre-order system to open for new supporter!

With InDemand funding. The new stretch goal is ready! “Transformation Mech” and more upcoming feature will be in the development if the campaign can reach more fund.  Also, a new supporter can get an Alpha/Beta Access by a contribution on the campaign.

Visit a campaign page and official website to contribute and pre-order the game.

IndieGoGo Campaign Page
Official Website.

About the game
Dual Gear is a turn based strategy game combination with action gameplay inspired from classical Japanese mech TBS games. The player can command the units with the turn-based system from the third person action perspective, develop a pilot, customize their mechs squad to finish the mission and find the secret parts, weapons, and story.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and still in development. Estimated release date during the Q1 of  2017.

Visit a STEAM Store Page
Official Website.
Company Website.

About the Orbital Speed studio
Orbital Speed Studio is a small independent game studio in Bangkok, Thailand founded in 2014.  The team member consisted of developers who have worked on exciting projects including Aeternoblade and Deadly Premonition The director’s cut. The DUAL GEAR is the first original project from the studio. They created the game with love for Japanese Mecha.

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