USPS – Review

Has the US Postal Service become obsolete? Has the US Postal Service just completely forgotten how to get mail to it’s location properly and on time? Have the sorting offices just gotten completely lazy? Well the answer to all of those questions have presented themselves to be a complete and capital YES!

What has happen to the US Postal Service? That has become a huge question and concern for businesses like Ebay, and others who pay to send packages and products, yet. they do not arrive on time, have been known to get delivered to the wrong address, and a large quantity just get lost. We personally have more than 30 packages that have been sent to various locations in the USA yet to be found, some were sent to the wrong location, and a large portion of them are lost and have still not been found for months.

The Postal Services reply to issues like this are there is nothing they can do unless it turns up, even with tracking numbers. Over the last couple of months we have been trying to find packages from most recent shipping, yet no response.

The USPS must be held responsible for losses! I highly suggest if you have to send anything through a physical mailing system to use FedEx or if you have no option but to use the USPS (even with tracking) drive the package to it’s location yourself, that’s the only way you can surely know it will get there.
I’m ashamed to see the name United States in the name of such a sorry operation known as The United States Postal Service.

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