Vertical Strike Endless Challenge released on Playism and Steam

Vertical Strike Endless Challenge

Playism is excited to announce that Vertical Strike Endless Challenge is now available on Playism and Steam.


Take to the skies in Vertical Strike Endless Challenge, the highly popular Japanese aerial attack game from Project ICKX.

A flight-based action game designed to be easy to pick up and enjoy immediately. VSE puts you in the cockpit of a fighter plane with one of two missions; “Arcade Mode: Anti-Air” and “Arcade Mode: Anti-Ship”. The instructions are simple, equip your plane, take to the skies and shoot down the enemies.

With the endless arcade mode, you can easily pick up and enjoy the game right away, be it in 5 minutes or 5 hours.

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Arcade Mode: Anti-Air
Shoot down enemy fighters in this air born battle mode.
Do whatever it takes to dominate the skies!
Choose your weapons carefully to focus on aerial combat. Practice your flying and prepare yourself of a battle in the skies against waves of other aircrafts.

Arcade Mode: Anti-Ship
Sink enemy ships to the bottom of the ocean.
Evade heavy canon fire and swoop in for your attack!
Change your weapons around to assist in targeting ships equipped with heavy artillery. Swoop in and attack with a quick retreat. You’ll need to keep an eye on all the boats and their attacks.


  • New-Age Maneuverability – With fully adjustable and detailed controls, your plane can handle the way you desire, helping you to take the challenge head on.
  • Extensive Artillery – Customize your plane and take on the challenges in the form that works best for you.
  • Two arcade modes to challenge you.
  • Detailed weapon information to garner a full understanding of its abilities and specs.
  • Intense waves of enemies which increasingly get harder.
  • Easy to pick up and play for 5 minutes or 5 hours.
  • Connected to Twitter, allowing you to tweet out your scores and rank in with the world.

Title: Vertical Strike Endless Challenge
Price: $4.99
Developer: Project ICKX
Publisher: PLAYISM
Genre: Flight, Action
Languages: English, Japanese
Release Date: 28th April 2017

©2017 Project ICKX. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.

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