Cambridge, MA (October 13, 2016) – VirZOOM, maker of VirZOOM Arcade Exercise Games designed by award-winning game development veterans and the exercise bike-based VR eGame controller, today announced a $50 off coupon code for direct orders off the VirZOOM website ( with code: PSVR. VirZOOM is offering the discount for the remainder of October in celebration of the Sony launch of the PlayStation VR headset compatible with PlayStation 4.

“We are very excited about the addition of PlayStation VR to the stable of VR systems that VirZOOM supports. VirZOOM enables you to move through exciting VR experiences that are too dangerous or frightening in the real world,” said Co-founder and CEO Eric Janszen. “You can fly a Pegasus high over a canyon, power tank in multiplayer battle, or race a Formula 1 car, all under your own power. Or you can chill out and peddle a kayak on a duck pond. If you just want to ride a VR bike on a 20-mile VR road in the comfort of our own home pretty soon you’ll be able to do that too. We’re constantly adding new games and experiences. Now you can enjoy VirZOOM on PlayStation.”

“The faster you pedal the VirZOOM Bike, the faster you move in the virtual world. Controlling your virtual body in the virtual world by pedaling and leaning feels comfortable and natural,” said VirZOOM Co-founder and CTO Eric Malafeew. “VirZOOM games motivate you to move through virtual worlds and feel good doing it, too!”

The proprietary hardware and software VirZOOM VR Exercise Game Platform makes fitness equipment fun by harnessing the emotional power of VR to motivate physical responses that result in exercise. Patent-pending motion controls limit locomotion discomfort even in VR games that entail sharp turns, flight, and other challenging forms of VR motion.

VirZOOM’s AAA development team created VirZOOM Arcade, a collection of VR exercise games to play with the VZ Controller that is ever-expanding and available for free on the PlayStation Store in November. VirZOOM Arcade currently contains six VR game worlds, a variety of workout modes, and online head-to- head and ghost challenges with your friends The VZ SDK is also available for free to PS4 developers, to adapt and create VirZOOM-enabled games that feel uniquely comfortable and immersive, using the same specialized motion controls found in VZ Arcade.”

The company shipped early access VirZOOM product in June via web site pre-orders for $399.95 and plans to launch via retail channels on November 1st , 2016. The company is also engaged in ongoing discussions with potential OEM partners to deliver a range of fitness and gaming applications for its VR Exercise Game Platform.

Play VR. Get Fit with VirZOOM on Playstation VR and PS4.

About VirZOOM
Co-founded by CEO Eric Janszen and CTO Eric Malafeew in February 2015 and headquartered in Cambridge, MA. VirZOOM is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR headsets (headset sold separately). It is currently available for order for $399.95 per unit at

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