Has The Walking Dead started to go down hill?

The Walking Dead is by far an amazing show, and being that the other show “Fear the Walking Dead” has shown to be a complete flop and running at the same time at The Walking Dead; what is going on?

Well Ya know us we dont give out teasers or anything like that but after watching Season 6 Episode 3, the end of this show is very near. It is very sad to even think such a great show losing its grip so early and the fact that “Fear the Walking Dead (being made by the same people) totally says some very bad things about what is to come.

Now I know how the entertainment business works very well, and I’m sure they have made tons off of revamping and copying this idea in so many ways that they have basically milked everyone for all they can get, now they see it is slowing it’s time to put their investments into the next cheap idea to rake in the cash again. Ya see things dont last based on fans loving something; it only last as long as the big bucks are rolling in, and given the losses I’m certain they are seeing from Fear the Waking Dead, it’s cutting into someone’s meal ticket.

Back to Season 6 Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, if you saw this episode, then you already saw the near death of this shows collapse, if you havent yet; check it out. Every episode of The Walking Dead is amazing, but you can see where they are cutting expenses and thats a very bad cut that they just made.

Well…. in trimming the wrong fat it couldve been a very wrong move.

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