The Walking Dead and Why it should forever keep going

The Walking Dead versus Real World Application

The Walking Dead (TV Series) should never cease as a show for many reasons; first of these reasons it is the best show that has hit TV in decades. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and I actually repeatedly watch it over and over as I have the time; I haven’t missed one episode yet and won’t ever miss one. They’re many reasons why I enjoy TWD and I think to simplify what would be to break it down into the three simple systems in which explains it the clearest.

Looking at The Walking Dead in many ways is how I look at it, I call this “current world, possible world, and a possible need world”. Now let’s take the “Current World” and compare it in The Walking Dead eyes; have you looked outside lately? The current world shows consumers as The Walkers, and they are continuously looking for the next purchase and it this system it is one day at a time depleting the world on many levels of its resources; whilst at the same time causing loss of jobs in a lot of areas due to the continuous need of making things cheaper. Nothing today has a value, and everything has a cost. Over the course of the next 5-10 years (if the world makes it that long) we will no longer own physical things, everything we own or buy will be in a virtual hard drive somewhere in the cloud. I currently have that issue, everything I own for the most part is digital, and the properties such as vehicles, houses, etc will never be fully own due to the continuous paying of taxes on items I already own; well things I’ll never own.

Look at mankind now days, everyone has a price and for that price they will do anything; this is a fact for the largest part of the world. Mankind has severely lost it’s way as something that needs a longer duration and merely became the destruction of everything in it’s path.

Now let’s look at “Possible World”: they are actual possibilities of a zombie apocalypse. What we as humans have done to the Earth so far can and the new diseases everyday designed to eliminate people during war as well as the testing by overhead city crop dusting; what do we expect can happen with the ways we modify the air today? In the world we are currently living in Possible World holds real possibilities and with shows like the Walking Dead it is at least helping to sort of nourish the weak minds to prepare them on the basics of understanding. Besides doesn’t the world need something to keep them on their toes in between the fast food and extreme consumerism?

Possible Need World: well I don’t think I need to go into this part as I’m certain at least a tenth of the world already sees this.

Yes The Walking Dead is a great show and it has some real world applications that can be taken in good value. Things like slowing down the over consumption of our needed resources, being better humans to one another; and of course taking out the things that hurting our planet. Aren’t we wasting enough in our resources? Are we throwing away more food than we are actually using? Shouldn’t we be looking after each other versus walking on each other? Does money really have any value in the world any more? How long are we to let our lives be controlled and when we will start living for a better humanity?

Well, I just wanted to share what I feel about The Walking Dead versus real world application.

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