Wargaming Special Projects division attends VR Connects London conference, 16th-17th January 2017

Wargaming is pleased to announce that their director of Special Projects Tracy Spaight will be attending VR Connects London taking place on 16th-17th January 2017 at London City’s premier venue, The Brewery. This show has been brought about by Steel Media, publisher of the PG Connects events, Pocket Gamer, PG.biz, The Virtual Report, and the Global VR Challenge.

Wargaming has helped bring history alive by developing a number of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences (mobile apps, AR installations, and 360 VR films) for museums around the world, including the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the RAF Museum, the Tank Museum at Bovington, and Pacific Battleship Centre.

“The Wargaming team is passionate about history,” said Tracy Spaight. “We are committed to ‘getting it right’ in the exacting recreation of each of the tanks, planes, and ships represented in our games. Our players appreciate our attention to historical detail and support our museum partnerships. Over the past few years”.

These collaborations have helped to solve some of the outstanding challenges faced by museums today – to wit, how to reach ‘digital natives’, who grew up in a different media environment than baby boomers, and how to make inaccessible areas of the museum (such as the engine room of a destroyer) accessible. Tracy Spaight’s talk will explore why we work with museums, the challenges of doing so, and the benefits (to both parties) of these exercises in content marketing and corporate social responsibility.

VR Connects will bring together over 500 delegates from across the VR/AR industry (with a focus on hardware manufacturers, game-developers, entertainment and education software creators, investors and media). The show will combine a lively expo space with 2 days of focused conference tracks spread over 4 tracks and covering the key questions facing the industry (global trends, technical and design issues, future technologies, and monetisation challenges).

The event will aim to reach the heart of the VR industry across all formats and all app categories. Curated by the teams responsible for the renowned PG Connects conferences and in association with an advisory board comprised of some of the finest names in this sector, the conference will represent an essential event for anyone wanting to meet, hear, and learn from the leading figures from every corner of the VR/AR/MR world.

More information can be found at http://www.vr-connects.com

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