We’ve Started Mountain Biking

Hey gang, some of you have been keeping up with us in our Facebook Group “The WoodShed” and know that we’ve started recently “Mountain Bike Riding”. We took on riding bikes as a new way to better keep in shape since we spend so much time at our desks, and it’s working great.

Now don’t get me wrong, we workout a lot and have a gym setup in our home but even with a gym in our home some days it was impossible to workout without having to keep up with the work piling in on our computers; something had to change. So…. yes we decided to buy bikes and it was the start of something very awesome.

Let’s call the day we purchased our bikes day 1, and it started like this. We had just finished up a long day in the office with our clients and the week had just ended, our bodies were just sore from the long hours that went into the prior week. We had reached the point where heading into our gym after work was just pulling muscles due to not enough time to stretch beforehand.
Day 1 – Purchasing the Bikes August 12th, 2017
We started talking about looking into getting some mountain bikes and debated this idea for about 10 minutes before we got in the car to go take a look at the pricing etc. The first stop we arrived at Toys R’ Us which we knew had a small selection of bikes as we buy a lot of funko pop toys there. After having a look there and of course had our eyes on a few different bikes we decided to head over to WalMart and Dick’s Sporting Goods since it was later in the day and specialized bike shops weren’t open. Walmart didn’t have much of anything beyond the lower end of the fair name brands and the selection was very minimal. Dick’s Sporting Goods had a nice selection but we weren’t sure if we would be happy with a few of the bikes we were looking at, so we headed back to Toys R’ Us and literally started pulling all the bikes down one by one and riding them through the store.

We started to notice that no matter how many bikes we looked at or road that we kept coming back to the two we purchased. The size of the bikes in the beginning just seemed to be a little tall for us though when trying the shorter bikes it felt as if we were picking out kids bikes, so we finally decided the 26-inch height would work out great.

Two Mongoose Bikes to go, please….. And of course the manager and associate at Toys R’ Us started helping us with our purchases.

Close to $500 spent and finished wrestling the fully assembled bikes into our car, we headed home to get some rest.

Day 2 – We have our Bikes and are Ready to Go
Morning came and we were excited, it was difficult to sleep as we just raring to go to see how this could make our day better; 10 am we hit the road. Close to noon and we had made it back to our home pouring sweat though relieved as being outside like that just made us feel so much better. We made it in the ballpark of 3 miles on our first ride and was actually wanting to keep going, though we had work to do; so shower time and back to the grind.

The afternoon ended and we were done with clients for the day debating to do some gaming or a movie; we started chatting about how hot it was in our shorts and regular shirts; we thought maybe to find some cooler clothing and headed over to a few sports clothing shops and then finally arrived at Kohl’s. For the first time in Kohl’s, I wasn’t praying for the sprinklers to go off (inside joke) and was focused on what I wanted to wear that would keep me cool enough for long durations. Annika and I were gung-ho on making this bike thing something more of a sport or daily achievement for ourselves; so we started getting all the gear needed.

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We grabbed a few dry shirts and shorts to have at least 1-2 outfits a day and of course by the time we got to the register and even after all the Kohl’s cash and supposed savings, we were down another 400-500 bucks.
Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc – let’s ride some miles
Oh yes, we were really excited now, another ride to do and we had the gear to keep us cool during these ride in 100+ degree temperatures. We set out to do a basic routine run, preparing or setting an area as our basic riding track. Our goal was to set a pattern or goal to focus on same distance with better time while biking casually.

Another 3 miles down and were happy as could be once again, now we were just one step closer to being hooked on biking. After our ride and showers we started looking into items we’d need for longer rides. We felt that since we were already carrying a backpack with waters etc, that we needed to make sure we had bike locks, mileage trackers; and of course any tools or extras for the just in case something were to happen so we started working on a list.

The days are running together now
Our list started to pan out as we have bought a couple items here and there and now have mileage tracker mounted on our bikes, water bottles locks; and of course, we use the Strava to GPS our trips for tracking and record-keeping. Each day we will prep for longer rides now as we have a riding goal planned which is 30 miles, we’re now up to 6 miles per day now.

Something had happened to us during that first ride, it’s like we had finally found something in our life that was missing and needed; not only do we now feel better from the exercise we also get a lot of outside time to just let our minds wander quietly while we ride together. So not only are we working out in our gym and eating clean food; we’ve added bicycling to our lifestyle to better our health and for relaxation, recreation, and family time.

The days have grown longer and happier
Now that we have added this new hobby to our lives, it seems that we have more time in a day versus less. It’s really strange to see that we have taken at least 1 hour a day to ride bikes that our day hasn’t really gotten longer; it seems shorter now and we feel much better.

Riding bikes have given us a unique feeling of freedom which is probably the best word to choose, just drop everything and get on the bike to hear the air; it’s awesome.

Now from this point, our goal is to ride at least 6 miles a day, this will be our minimal though I’m certain we will push for more and more as time progresses; after all this a great thing to do in between snowboarding season. So we’ve decided to start filming our trips, so a GoPro is a soon to add feature.

I plan to mount a GoPro to my helmet and film the trips to share the beautiful landscapes of Arizona while we ride, we will also when snowboarding season hits; do the same thing there. Our goal is to share our lives with all of our awesome friends and family around the globe.

We will keep you all posted as things progress, of course, you can keep up with us by getting our newsletter or becoming a part of the Facebook Group “The WoodShed”. Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you.

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