Windows 10 – Product Review

Okay! So I waited on Windows 10, and yes I continued to wait; oh and did I mention I still waited. When Windows 10 released, Microsoft stopped replying to people for support, they left it in the hands of everyone else to figure out. Why is this? Well it’s because Microsoft again released a very bad, unstable, intrusive product.

Over the last few weeks a lot of members within WoodBangers community have been experiencing some rather interested things happening within Windows 10 since we got it. Let’s start with security and privacy settings that reset themselves to default Microsoft settings every time it installs an update. Or maybe we should start with the updates installing themselves and rebooting your computer without your permission even when the settings are set to not do so. Maybe we should pint out the popups from Microsoft asking you for your feedback on every little item they loaded extra into this complete waste of an operating system. Possibly we should mention the WMI that continuously maxes your cpu usage, even after patching it; when the computer reboots you have to patch it again. Last but not least…. maybe we should bring up the information they are pulling from your computer all day even when your settings are turned off.

Let’s face it Microsoft really let everyone down with this Operating system, maybe this OS is like the beginning of Microsoft when most everything was stolen, slammed together, and hustle to the market to make money to fix it… Just a realistic thought. Windows 10 is an operating system with the marketing to give promises of something that at this time it cannot provide.

1 star Rating out of 5 Star Review

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