A Wonderful Night thanks to all The Woodies

Everyone of the Woodies here at The WoodShed know we have been slammed with an overloading workload to get things back to normal; it’s been some very long hours. Not only did we take on the longer hours and extra work to get things done, we even increased the amount of work that we’d do while doing the load. We’ve increased our Stream schedule, we’ve all as a Team here at The WoodShed dedicated time, money, and more to making things get done more efficiently; and more enjoyably. We’ve all come together each day a s global family that looks after each other when one of the Woodies needs a friend, or just wants to chat; The WoodShed is more now a New World than just a community.

Last night our Team Leader Pyro gifted me a game in which I had so badly wanted to spend the money and grab, yet with how things were with being over budget I didn’t. This surely made my night a lot better to be able to Play Mad Max 2015 on Stream; it was awesome. Not only this took place but Rocker Girl Management stopped by the stream to hang and dropped a $200.00 donation towards the growth of what we are doing, while at the same time one of our LONG Time Members got rejoined in The WoodShed and sent us a loving note with a $10.00 donation as well. We’re very proud to have started this project, and we’re extremely happy to see the people who have come together each day to be a part of it’s future.

The notes and messages we get from The Woodies they just inspire us to push harder and it helps us in our struggles to keep pushing forward to accomplish building this great new world; it means everything to us to hear that kind of feedback. This is my only internet community and I do not need to be anywhere else. I look forward to each morning stepping into the office to turn my headset on and a member is right there in my ear to greet me. I cherish the conversations between friends, while we game, work, chat, and just enjoy the friendships we have all gained with each other. There is something extremely special about what is taking place at The WoodShed, and each day; one of you remind us.

Thank you to all of the great supporters who have spent their time with us each day, pitched in on some of the tasks, and to those who contribute from time to time; it’s very appreciated. Each day will be another day at making things better. We love you all and we will see you shortly.

On a side note: we do have some really killer features to come.

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