What Is The WoodShed At WoodBangers.Com To Me?

What is The WoodShed at WoodBangers.com to me?

Everyday I contribute to not only articles for non-members of our community to read and enjoy, I also share my life with my friends inside The WoodShed. The WoodShed is our Official Members only community and it is the ONLY internet site or community that we use at all online. Ya see, I’m not a fan of social media and we at WoodBangers will never fall into that world. We enjoy our time online with our friends and family, whether it be gaming together, chatting together, or simply sharing in the community blogs, photos, videos, and other things that we do in our daily lives.

WoodBangers “The WoodShed” is a very exclusive and very selective members community, it’s not a place for everyone and it will never be open to everyone. It’s a beautiful, drama free place on the net that we and our friends can login to and enjoy knowing the people in it. It’s a place where people actually communicate, it’s a place where if someone is on your friends-list they are actually a friend. It’s a the only place on the internet where people can be who they are without the idiocy that takes place in social networks. I love The WoodShed it is my Only internet home and I am there every day, all day sharing and communicating with my friends within it. It’s such a selective place that members of The WoodShed tend to discuss among each other before inviting someone else to join.

Millions of people watch us share articles and reviews on music, movies, games and so much more though they don’t see the several hundred other posts, songs, videos, photos, forums etc that go up every few hours by ourselves and other members. The WoodShed is the only place online that doesnt keep, share, sale or distribute members private information; it’s one of a kind.

So, what’s The WoodShed to me? It’s everything!

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family in the community and we wish you all a safe a great new year.

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