WordApp – Plugin Review – Weve turned off our Android app and here is why

Hey gang, sad to say that we’ve had to turn off our Android app due to what the plugin does to our website. From the day of paying for service for WordApp (wordpress plugin) to make the app, well things have been broken in our site pending they fix their code in which we finally got their update this morning which almost shut our site down completely. This app breaks standard functions of wordpress such as adding standard wordpress image gallery into a post, breaks jquery in the admin panel, breaks jetpack functions like stats, breaks backend menu, breaks functionality with varnish or caching; this list continues. Since we installed WordApp Im sure you noticed we were posting less news, it’s due to having to 100% hard code articles as standard wordpress functionality gets so damaged from it.

We’ve been talking with the creator of WordApp and have videoed these issues showing their team what was going on and they promised a fix by the 15th of July, on the 18th we asked about it and they had run into even more issues and would be longer; today we got the update and everything broke. We had to manually rename the directory of the plugin to shut it off and can no longer trust this plugin on our website.

We’ve pondered the app theory given that our website is 100% mobile and honestly it isn’t worth this type of a headache. Now before we tried WordApp we did read the feedback that other members had run into issues like this and some were very irate and we gave this plugin a chance; it’s sad to say the feedback was very accurate. On the day we installed this plugin our hosting pointed it out and over the last few weeks we’ve also been talking with them about why we were leaving this plugin active, now it isnt and everything works.

So from this point forward, we’d prefer having a working 100% mobile website than an app that breaks the entire functionality of standard wordpress.

Our review on WordApp Plugin is 1.5 Stars


Our Android App will stay live for those of you that use it but you wont get push notifications till we rebuild it ourselves.

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