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Over the last few weeks my schedule has been so demanding in other areas that I haven’t had the time to cover many reviews on games, movies, or TV Shows. I have been able to catch some of the latest films though not too many of them were worth taking the time to really write anything, and of course given the idiocy that is going on with the recent Warner Brothers Films; it’s just too ignorant to waste any more breath.

What has happen with true reviewing anymore? Most major film companies pay people to flood the reviews with good or bad and if you take the time to read them you’ll notice they all seem to be back to back and basically saying the same thing over and over. I don’t go by reviews of critics and now days you cant really go by anyone on IMDb, Metacritic, and rotten tomatoes; it’s all just bogus numbers based on who is paying for what. I’ve even debated on closing my film critic accounts with IMDb pro and rotten tomatoes, and I’m not sure if I mentioned by I did close my account on Metacritic due to some emails they sent me as to what I can say and not say on films they highly promote; rigged!.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of IMDb and have spent years working towards the status I have with them, it is just sad that they don’t put a stop to all the high paid critics writing bullshit that doesn’t have anything to do with the movie they’re reviewing.

As for game reviews, I’ve been overloaded with them and haven’t had enough time to dedicate to each individual game yet so I do cover one or two here and there during this busy time. My goal is to catch up on the game reviews once a few projects are off of my plate so I can focus better and give the game the love it deserves before I speak a word.

In Television, well there’s not too much going on in that department. It’s rare to catch a good show and when we find a great show then we notice 10-15 replicated layouts as the next new shows and end up turning the stuff off. Not to mention that when something good is on the Station shuts it off to replace it with 3 more copycats giving them a lower budget to fill our needs of overdubbed regurgitated crap over and over.

Some shows we really love are The Walking Dead, IZombie, Vikings, Outcast, Preacher, Better Call Saul, well this list is long so to see it in full come by my profile on The WoodShed some time.

As for music, I have music blaring in my ears all day as I jam my favorite artists via my Pandora One account, though all of the great bands I love to listen to are always in the media so there’s no reason to pitch out anymore than there is.

My biggest objective lately is in the background working with our game team as we’re all working hard on The Darkness of Ragnarokk, and of course my heart will always be dedicated to our community in The WoodShed where everyday I stay logged in and spend time with all of our family and friends either gaming or chatting all day.

Just wanted to drop this quick update, though if you’re not a member of The WoodShed then you’re missing have of what is going on anyways hehe.


Thanks for reading.

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Matty "MudShovel" Blaine enjoys anime, cycling, gaming, comics, music, movies, mountain biking, snowboarding, and so much more. He likes to let his family, friends, and the members of the WoodShed community know his thoughts on these things, and is the main writer and reviewer of the WoodBangers Entertainment website. All articles written that are reviewed by him are his 100% honest opinion because he doesn't believe in lying to those who trust him. He wants people to know that if that movie or game that all the critics are saying is great is really just overhypes Hollywood-spew or the real deal, so you don't waste your money and regret seeing or getting something. Remember, he's not getting paid to be another yes-man. He is not afraid to tell what he honestly thinks and feels about something. If it is great, there will be no doubt about it; if he doesn't like it, there will be zero doubt there. All reviews are HIS opinion and his opinion alone. They do not express the thoughts of everyone at WoodBangers, nor is he paid to write his reviews. If you disagree with his opinion and thoughts on something, that is fine, you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you take offense to his opinions, then please feel free to leave because he is not here to make everyone happy. He professionally writes and his reviews can be found on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, IGN, Crunchyroll, and many other sites. Also be sure to follow Matty on Steemit

Matty streams live game play on Twitch, talks about products in stream; and spends time with all of the community daily. He writes software, websites, and does server-side setup and securities for tons of companies. He has a ton of projects from building his YouTube Channel, promoting his local area (Scottsdale AZ), helping with game development, doing press for 15k Game Studios, doing press for 1k major record labels, well... this list just keeps going; what doesn't Matty do?

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