YC’s Mongolian Grill – Scottsdale, AZ – Business Review

YC’s Mongolian Grill – Scottsdale, AZ – Business Review

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Since my arrival in Arizona of course I’ve been out and about checking out the towns, it has been an awesome time so far. You know that enjoy checking out good food most of all when I travel and I do believe I have found a great place to dine at almost anytime during a day.

Over the last three weeks I was talked into trying some Mongolian food (by Annika) for the first time, I didn’t think that it would be food that I’d like; though I stand corrected. She took me to YC’s Mongolian Grill in Scottsdale Arizona, the one on Indian Bend. Upon our arrival I noticed the outside setting for dining which was setup very cozy and nice, so we went right in. I didn’t know what to order as the counter was setup with Bowls to choose from, before I could say anything the cashier was right on top of things introducing the options. She made us feel totally welcomed as she told us how to get started (being that it was my first time there). At the time we arrived the restaurant wasn’t very busy though the cashier walked with us down the line to help with how to set up our food while explaining the options of sauce as she made it for us.

We arrived at the end of the line where we hand our tray off to the chef to watch him cook it up, that was fascinating to see how it was all done. Once our food was cooked it was put on a fresh tray as the cashier walked with us to find a comfortable spot to relax while we ate. This was surely an impressive first time at YC’s Mongolian Grill, so I made a quick note on Yelp so others knew how good it was.

Not too much longer after I posted my Yelp feedback, the owner wrote to thank me; yet another friendly person within the YC’s Mongolian Grill. So after eating the wonderful food, we hit the road checking out other fun places throughout our new home.

After a week or so we decided to go back to YC’s Mongolian Grill to see it all on another day so we could based our views on a busier atmosphere. We arrived on the weekend, it was very busy with a nice sized line started up; everything was just like it was on our first time though with more friendly staff to meet and greet. Even in a very busy lunch rush on the weekend YC’s Mongolian Grill was on top of the game with friendly people to make sure each customer was taken care of.

My opinion of YC’s Mongolian Grill of Scottsdale Arizona is that they made me not only love the food but truly enjoy it well enough to say it’s one of my favorite places to eat. If you’re ever in the Scottdale area, be sure to swing down to Indian Bend and check out YC’s Mongolian Grill for some great people and great food, make your own the way you like it; this is a top notch place to eat.

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